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Fundraising with Our City Marketplace

Benefits of Fundraising with Our City Marketplace
  • No overhead cost to launch fundraiser
  • Branded Merchandise (Bring Attention to your group or cause)
  • Member Participation through our Affiliate Program.
  • Member Participation incentives
  • Up to the minute sales reporting
  • Large Margins

Our City Marketplace is committed to giving back to the community in any way we can.  One method is by giving back to the organizations that give back to our community.  We accomplish this by offering Non-Profit organizations an easy to use inclusive fundraising platform that gives organizations the ability to launch a fundraising campaign selling branded merchandise with no overhead to the organization. Nothing gets the word out about your organization better than branded apparel and merchandise.  For 501c3 Non-profits Our City Marketplace will wave our normal design fee and help you develop a product line to be featured in your own personalized fundraising vendor space. Our affiliate feature allows your organizations members create their own custom links and participate in the fundraiser.  Members can earn vouchers for merchandise based off of their participation.  Contact one of our specialists today to launch your fundraising campaign today.