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EDM Pittsburgh has found a new home at M.A.D bar.  M.A.D bar Pittsburgh recently opened in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood and promises to be a different experience than anything you can find in Pittsburgh currently.  M.A.D bar Pittsburgh was opened in March of 2022 by longtime nightlife veteran DJ, and entrepreneur TJ Harris.  Mr. Harris’s career in the nightlife industry spans decades and because of this experience Mr. Harris was able to bring us this amazing concept.  Over the course of 20 years Mr. Harris has organized well over a thousand events, built a large and profitable wedding DJ business, and most importantly was a major influence on unifying the Dj front in Pittsburgh by helping artists earn higher wages and providing up and coming DJs with opportunities to grow. With his core operating businesses sound Mr. Harris has now set his sights on the bar industry itself and opened M.A.D. bar Pittsburgh.

Mad Bar Pittsburgh Mural

A Music Oasis for EDM Pittsburgh in the Shadyside Neighborhood.

M.A.D Bar Pittsburgh launched in March of 2022 in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside Neighborhood.  M.A.D bar which is an acronym for Music and Dance promises to be an EDM Pittsburgh experience like no other in the area.  Mr. Harris’s vision in opening this venue was to be Music and Dance first and bar second.  This is totally out of the cookie cutter nightlife scene that you would normally find in Pittsburgh, PA. So  with a smile TJ says “You will not see a pens or steelers game on the big screens here” which is blasphemy in the city of Pittsburgh. “This place is about the music; this place is about the Culture.” Featuring a second to none sound system provided by RGS pro sound, no matter your location in the venue the music will envelop you.  

RGS Huge Speakers

M.A.D bar Pittsburgh attempts to bring back some of that EDM Pittsburgh underground house, drum and bass, and dance scene that TJ grew up in.  With a very aggressive event schedule M.A.D Bar Pittsburgh promises patrons a different experience every night featuring DJ’s of multiple genres with a focus of getting people on the dance floor and moving. 


A unique experience in the Pittsburgh Music Scene

Because Mr. Harris is already a successful business owner, Mr. Harris was able to open this space not out of necessity but out of vision. By shedding the chains of what turns an easy buck in Pittsburgh, Mr. Harris was able to create a truly and unique EDM Pittsburgh entertainment environment. TJ says that one of his biggest goals with M.A.D bar Pittsburgh is to offer something for everyone that is completely different from his counterparts.  As Mr. Harris describes it M.A.D Bar is a music driven alternative venue.  You’re not going to hear your top 40 or your everyday club songs like Little John Get Low, Or Montell Jordan’s “This is how we do it.” With its music and event heavy focus every time you come to M.A.D Bar Pittsburgh will be a unique EDM Pittsburgh experience.

Group Selfie at M.A.D. Bar Pittsburgh

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